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Our History

Our Building

Originally named "First United Brethren in Christ," the church was established in 1848 as one of the first two churches in Shamokin. Over the next 20 years, the church hosted several other congregations while their church buildings were under construction. These included, the Methdoists, Lutherans, Reformed, Evangelical, Baptists, and Quakers. In 1869 the building was remodeled and enlarged to accommodate the needs of the congregation and the community. In 1890 the building was torn down completely and rebuilt by the fall of 1891. The parsonage for the church was added in 1911 on the corner of 9th and Sunbury Streets (where the church now sits). A fire occurred on October 29, 1928, which completely destroyed the church building, leaving only a few walls left standing. The parsonage was moved to where the church originally stood, and construction began on the new church building in the summer of the following year. The cornerstone for the new building was laid on August 11, 1929 at 2:00pm, with construction being completed and the building dedicated on April 27, 1930, and fully paid off in 1947. This is the current church building, to which a new addition is being added to enclose the entrance walkway, which has been damaged by weather over the past several years, and increase accessibility into the building (2020).

Our Congregation

A merger occurred between the United Brethren and the Evangelical Church denominations in 1946, which changed the name of the church to First Evangelical United Brethren Church. Another merger occurred between the EUB and Methodist denominations in 1968, changing the name once again to the First United Methodist Church. In 1998, the congregation of Chestnut Street United Methodist Church merged with First Church, with the congregation of Lincoln Street United Methodist Church merging in 2001 as well.

List of Our Pastors

Joseph Young Jr.          1845-1846

Samuel Seiters            1846-1848

Jacob Brewer               1848-1850

Joseph Young Jr.          1850-1852

Paul Riland                   1850-1852

Israel Carpenter          1852-1853

George Hoffman         1853-1854

George Gilbert            1854-1856

P. L. Zimmerman         1856-1857

Daniel Reeser              1856-1857

Wesley Dietrich           1857-1858

Amos Yeager               1858-1860

John Swenk                  1860-1862

G. W. Miles Rigor         1862-1863

Simon Zimmerman    1863-1864

G. A. Snapp                  1864-1865

John Swenk                  1864-1865

Josiah P. Long              1865-1866

George Lee                  1866-1868

William B. Evers          1868-1870

John F. Mower             1870-1871

David O’Farrell            1871-1872

R. J. Reitzel                   1871-1873

J. D. Killian                    1872-1873

P. C. Detweiler             1873-1874

George A. Brickley      1874-1875

W. S. H. Keys                1874-1877

R. J. Reitzel                   1876-1879

(R. P. Reitzel - 1878-1879 - possible typo)

Israel Groff                1878-1879

E. P. Funk                   1878-1880

J. G. Steiner               1880-1882

J. Merrick                   1882-1883

William H. Uhler       1883-1886

M. J. Haberly             1886-1887

H. B. Spayd                1886-1890

J. H. VonNieda          1887-1888

C. P. Cowling             1890-1894

C. A. Mutch               1894-1896

Rudolph Rock           1896-1899

I. H. Albright              1898-1901

A. A. Long                  1901-1906

A. K. Wier                   1906-1911

M. H. Jones                1911-1912

A. S. Beckley              1912-1914

I. Moyer Hershey     1914-1916

H. J. Behney              1916-1938

O. L. Mease               1938-1946

John W. Luckens       1946-1968

James Corbett          1968-1975

Josiah Werner          1975-1980

Leland Pritchard      1980-1987

Hayden McLean       1987-1991

Susan May                1991-1995

Timothy Reichard    1995-2008

Brian Albert              2008-2010

Zachary P. Hopple    2010-2020

Alicia M. Juliá-Stanley 2020-

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